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Physical or Digital? The Choice is BOTH!

Tuesday 2:45
North Hall
Physical or Digital? The Choice is BOTH!
Founder, Chairman and CEO
Under Armour
CNBC Retail Reporter
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Westfield Corporation
John Lewis Partnership

Radical change is underway in how we think about retail space. A store is no longer just a store--it’s now a STORE, a SHOWROOM and a WAREHOUSE. In the past, the retailer/developer relationship was designed to open a store; once the store opened that’s where it ended. As digital and physical retail continues to converge, the developer/retailer relationship must broaden and deepen after the store opens. Three of the industry’s leading executives will discuss how they have developed a physical AND digital strategy to create a more real-time, intimate and human relationship with their customers. The speakers will explore why we must do more to share knowledge and data about customers to provide them with the products, services and experiences they desire.  It’s not a choice between physical or digital presence--the choice is BOTH.

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The Insight-Driven Revolution in Retail, It’s a Human Challenge

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